Raspberry Jam – Christchurch – Meet Up #0

Raspi 580x386

Come along to our initial Raspberry Jam meet-up! Meet others interested in the Pi and what people have been doing with them.

So anyone who knows me at least a little remotely knows I’m a huge fan of the Raspberry Pi computer. It’s small, cute, versatile and super fun. And after finally getting settled back in Christchurch after a fabulous 3 years in Melbourne I’m gearing up to share the RasPi love around this fair city.

Back in the UK where the glorious Pi was born people have started gathering under the banner of Raspberry Jam. So come Wednesday 30th October we’ll be having our initial Raspberry Jam meet-up to see who’s interested in the Pi, what people have been doing with their Pi’s and encouraging other people to get involved. The lovely folks at MakerCrate by the Pallet Pavillion have offered us the use of their space.